Side Hustles for User Experience Designers in 2023

If you’re a user experience designer looking to expand your skills and boost your income, this article is for you! In 2023, there are numerous side hustles available for UX designers, allowing you to utilize your expertise in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s creating online courses, freelance consulting, or even launching your own UX-focused blog, there are endless possibilities to supplement your income and showcase your design prowess. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of side hustles for UX designers in 2023!

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Side Hustles for User Experience Designers in 2023

Are you a user experience (UX) designer looking for additional income streams or opportunities to explore your passion outside of your full-time job? In the ever-evolving world of technology and design, there are plenty of side hustles available to leverage your skills and knowledge. Whether you want to focus on design-related services, teaching and mentoring, content creation, or even starting your own ventures, there are numerous options to consider. Let’s dive into ten lucrative side hustles for UX designers in 2023.

Side Hustles for User Experience Designers in 2023

1. Freelancing

1.1 Website Design and Development

As a UX designer, you possess a keen eye for aesthetics and know how to create seamless user experiences. This makes website design and development a natural fit for your skillset. Many individuals and businesses are in constant need of professional websites to establish their online presence. By offering your services as a freelance website designer, you can tap into a steady stream of clients and showcase your expertise in crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

1.2 Mobile App Design

In the mobile-dominated era, the demand for intuitive and visually pleasing mobile applications continues to grow. By specializing in mobile app design, you can cater to the needs of businesses and individuals looking to develop user-friendly and engaging mobile apps. From designing user interfaces to creating seamless navigational flows, your expertise as a UX designer will play a fundamental role in crafting outstanding mobile app experiences.

1.3 UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is at the core of creating visually appealing and user-friendly digital interfaces. By offering your services as a UI/UX designer, you can work on a wide range of projects, including website design, app design, and software interfaces. Your expertise in user research, wireframing, and prototyping will allow you to create interfaces that delight users and drive engagement.

1.4 E-commerce Design

The rise of online shopping has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for UX designers. Businesses are constantly seeking professionals who can optimize their e-commerce platforms for a seamless shopping experience. By specializing in e-commerce design, you can help businesses increase their conversion rates and improve user satisfaction. From designing intuitive navigational structures to optimizing checkout processes, your expertise in UX design will be instrumental in creating successful e-commerce experiences.

1.5 Landing Page Design

Landing pages are key components of marketing campaigns, designed to capture leads and drive conversions. As a UX designer, you can specialize in creating stunning and high-converting landing pages that engage users and encourage them to take action. By understanding the principles of persuasive design and user psychology, you can craft landing pages that make a lasting impression and drive tangible results for businesses.

2. Online Courses and Teaching

2.1 Create and Sell UX Design Courses

Share your knowledge and skills with aspiring UX designers by creating and selling online courses. Leverage your experience and expertise to create comprehensive courses that cover various aspects of UX design, including user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing. Platforms such as Udemy and Teachable offer excellent opportunities to reach a wide audience and earn passive income through your courses.

2.2 Provide Online Design Coaching

Many aspiring designers would greatly benefit from one-on-one coaching and mentorship. Offer your expertise as a design coach, providing personalized guidance and feedback to individuals who want to improve their design skills. By offering online coaching sessions, you can help aspiring designers enhance their understanding of UX design principles and refine their portfolio.

2.3 Conduct UX Workshops

Conducting UX workshops can be a fulfilling way to share your knowledge and interact with fellow designers. Whether in-person or online, workshops provide a platform for hands-on learning and collaboration. Choose a specific aspect of UX design, such as user research or prototyping, and design engaging workshops that equip participants with practical skills and insights.

2.4 Offer Design Critique Sessions

Offering design critique sessions to other designers can help them improve their work and gain valuable feedback. By providing constructive criticism and suggestions, you can help fellow designers refine their design choices, improve user experiences, and elevate their overall design skills.

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2.5 Tutoring for Design Students

Design students often seek assistance in understanding complex design principles or honing their practical skills. As a UX designer, you can offer tutoring services to design students, helping them grasp important concepts, improve their design projects, and excel in their coursework. Tutoring can be conducted in person, online, or through platforms that connect tutors with students.

3. Design Blogging and Content Creation

3.1 Write Articles on UX Design Principles

If you enjoy writing and sharing your insights on UX design, consider starting a design blog. Write articles that delve into various aspects of UX design, including user research methods, usability principles, and best practices. By consistently publishing valuable content, you can attract a loyal following and establish yourself as an authority in the UX design field.

3.2 Share Case Studies and Project Walkthroughs

Case studies and project walkthroughs offer a glimpse into the practical application of UX design principles. By sharing your own case studies or analyzing existing design projects, you can provide valuable insights about research methodologies, design decisions, and the impact of user experiences on business goals. These in-depth analyses can be shared on your blog, Medium, or other design platforms.

3.3 Create Video Tutorials on Design Tools

Video tutorials are a popular format for learning new design tools and techniques. Leverage your expertise in design software such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD to create informative and engaging video tutorials. By sharing your knowledge and demonstrating best practices, you can help aspiring designers improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest design tools.

3.4 Host a UX Design Podcast

Podcasts have gained immense popularity in recent years, providing a platform for in-depth discussions and interviews. Consider hosting your own UX design podcast, inviting industry experts, fellow designers, and thought leaders to discuss various aspects of UX design. Through conversations and insights, you can provide valuable content to your audience while building relationships within the design community.

3.5 Publish Design eBooks or Guides

Create comprehensive design ebooks or guides that cover specific topics within the realm of UX design. These resources can serve as valuable references for designers, providing them with practical tips, case studies, and design methodologies. Publish your ebooks on platforms such as Amazon Kindle or sell them directly through your website.

Side Hustles for User Experience Designers in 2023

4. Design Consultancy

4.1 Offer UX Audits for Existing Websites or Apps

Businesses that already have websites or apps often seek expert opinions to optimize their user experiences. Offer UX audits, where you conduct thorough evaluations of existing interfaces, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations. Your expertise as a UX designer will enable you to pinpoint usability issues, recommend design changes, and enhance the overall user experience.

4.2 Provide Usability Testing and Research

Usability testing and research play a vital role in understanding user behavior and identifying pain points. Offer your services as a usability consultant, conducting user tests, interviews, and surveys to gather valuable insights. By analyzing data and presenting actionable recommendations, you can enable businesses to make informed design decisions and improve the user experience of their products.

4.3 Conduct User Interviews and Surveys

User interviews and surveys are essential for gathering qualitative feedback and understanding user needs and preferences. Offer your expertise in conducting user interviews remotely, analyzing qualitative data, and presenting findings in a concise and insightful manner. By providing businesses with a deeper understanding of their target audience, you can help them create user-centered designs.

4.4 Develop User Personas and Journey Maps

User personas and journey maps are powerful tools for understanding user motivations and designing targeted experiences. As a UX designer, you can utilize your skills in creating accurate user personas and comprehensive journey maps. By collaborating with businesses, you can help them empathize with their users and design experiences that cater to their needs and expectations.

4.5 Create Design and Brand Strategies

Building a strong brand identity and cohesive design strategy are crucial for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in the market. Offer your expertise in creating design and brand strategies that align with business objectives and resonate with target audiences. By developing visual identities, design systems, and brand guidelines, you can help businesses establish a consistent and memorable brand presence.

5. Remote Design Jobs

5.1 Join a Remote Design Agency

Remote work has become increasingly common, offering opportunities to work with global clients and teams. Apply to remote design agencies that specialize in UX design, allowing you to work on diverse projects and collaborate with talented designers from around the world. Remote agencies provide flexibility and exposure to a wide range of industries and clients.

5.2 Work as a Freelance Remote Designer

Freelancing as a remote designer grants you the flexibility to choose your projects and work on your own terms. Utilize freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to showcase your skills and attract clients seeking remote design services. By building a strong portfolio and establishing a reputation for delivering high-quality work, you can secure a consistent stream of freelance projects.

5.3 Find Remote UX Design Contracts

Contract work offers a balance between the stability of a full-time job and the freedom of freelancing. Search for remote UX design contracts on job boards and platforms geared towards contract work. These opportunities allow you to work on longer-term projects with the support and structure of a contract agreement.

5.4 Collaborate with Remote Development Teams

Effective collaboration between UX designers and development teams is crucial for successful product outcomes. Offer your services as a remote UX designer and collaborate with remote development teams. By working together seamlessly across different time zones, you can ensure that design decisions are implemented accurately and the final product meets user expectations.

5.5 Offer Remote Design Services through Platforms

Online platforms, such as Toptal or 99designs, connect designers with clients seeking remote design services. Create a profile showcasing your skills, expertise, and portfolio on these platforms, attracting clients from various industries. By building your online presence and delivering excellent results, you can secure remote design projects and expand your client base.

6. Design Side Projects

6.1 Create and Sell Design Assets

Design assets, such as icons, illustrations, and UI kits, are in high demand among designers. Utilize your design skills to create and sell unique design assets through platforms like Creative Market or Envato. From creating custom icons sets to designing comprehensive UI kits, your design assets can cater to the needs of designers across different industries.

6.2 Develop and Launch a Design-Related App

If you have a brilliant app idea or a unique solution to a design problem, consider developing and launching your own app. Use your expertise in UX design to create an intuitive and visually appealing user experience. Whether it’s a productivity app, design tool, or creative platform, your app can become a valuable resource for designers or users with specific needs.

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6.3 Design and Sell Merchandise for Designers

Design-related merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, or stickers, allows you to showcase your creativity and build a community around your designs. Create unique designs that resonate with designers and sell them through platforms like Redbubble or Threadless. By combining your passion for design with entrepreneurial spirit, you can create a brand that appeals to fellow designers.

6.4 Create a Design-Focused Newsletter

Newsletters provide an opportunity to share valuable insights, resources, and updates with a targeted audience. Start a design-focused newsletter, curating and sharing industry news, design tips, and inspirational content. By building a loyal subscriber base, you can explore monetization options, such as sponsored content or affiliate marketing.

6.5 Design and Sell Customizable Templates

Design templates, such as website templates or presentation templates, are valuable assets for individuals and businesses. Utilize your design skills to create customizable templates that cater to specific needs and industries. Platforms like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest allow you to sell your templates to a wide audience, providing a passive income stream.

7. User Research

7.1 Offer Remote User Testing Services

User testing is essential for understanding how users interact with products and identifying areas for improvement. Specialize in remote user testing, conducting usability tests with participants located anywhere in the world. By leveraging remote collaboration and screen-sharing tools, you can gain valuable insights without the constraints of physical proximity.

7.2 Conduct User Interviews Remotely

In-depth interviews provide valuable qualitative data and insights into user needs, motivations, and pain points. Offer your expertise in conducting remote user interviews, ensuring that geographical barriers do not limit your ability to gather user feedback. By conducting interviews remotely, you can access a diverse pool of participants and gain a comprehensive understanding of user experiences.

7.3 Analyze and Present User Research Findings

Conducting user research is just the first step; effectively analyzing and presenting the findings is equally important. Offer your services as a remote user research consultant, analyzing data and presenting actionable recommendations to businesses. By transforming raw data into actionable insights, you can empower businesses to make informed design decisions that directly address user needs.

7.4 Provide Usability Consulting

Usability consulting involves evaluating products or interfaces and providing expert advice on improving their usability. By offering remote usability consulting services, you can help businesses identify usability issues, optimize user experiences, and increase customer satisfaction. Through video calls, screen-sharing, and remote collaboration tools, you can work closely with businesses to improve the usability of their products.

7.5 Conduct A/B Testing for Websites and Apps

A/B testing is a powerful method for comparing and optimizing design variations to determine the most effective solution. As a UX designer, you can specialize in remote A/B testing, helping businesses improve their conversion rates and user experiences. By utilizing A/B testing platforms and remote collaboration tools, you can guide businesses in making data-driven design decisions.

8. Design for Social Media

8.1 Create Social Media Graphics and Templates

Businesses often require visually appealing graphics for their social media marketing efforts. Utilize your design skills to create eye-catching social media graphics and templates that align with their brand identity. From Instagram posts to LinkedIn banners, your designs can help businesses elevate their social media presence and engage their target audience.

8.2 Design Infographics and Data Visualizations

Infographics and data visualizations are powerful tools for conveying complex information in a visually appealing and easily understandable format. Offer your expertise in designing infographics and data visualizations for businesses looking to communicate their data effectively. By transforming raw data into visually engaging visuals, you can help businesses make a strong impact on their audience.

8.3 Offer Social Media Branding Services

Consistent branding across social media platforms is crucial for brand recognition and building a strong online presence. Offer your services as a social media branding consultant, helping businesses establish cohesive visual identities. From designing profile pictures and cover photos to optimizing social media profiles, your expertise in design can help businesses create a memorable brand on social platforms.

8.4 Develop Interactive Social Media Campaigns

Interactive social media campaigns grab users’ attention and encourage engagement. Utilize your creativity and design skills to develop interactive social media campaigns for businesses. From quizzes and polls to immersive storytelling experiences, your designs can facilitate meaningful interactions between brands and their audience.

8.5 Create Engaging Video Content for Social Platforms

Video content has become increasingly popular on social media platforms. Utilize your design skills to create visually engaging and informative video content for businesses. From short animations and tutorials to educational videos, your designs can captivate viewers and help businesses communicate their messages effectively.

9. Design and User Experience Writing

9.1 Write UX Copy for Websites and Apps

Well-crafted UX copy is essential for guiding users, communicating value propositions, and creating engaging experiences. Offer your expertise in UX writing, helping businesses optimize their website or app copy. From button labels to error messages, your words can enhance the overall usability and clarity of digital interfaces.

9.2 Create User Personas and Narratives

User personas and narratives are valuable tools for understanding and empathizing with users. Utilize your storytelling abilities to create compelling user personas and narratives that bring the target audience to life. By incorporating these personas and narratives into design processes, businesses can create truly user-centered experiences.

9.3 Develop UX Microcopy Guidelines

Microcopy refers to the small, yet impactful, pieces of text found throughout digital interfaces. Develop UX microcopy guidelines for businesses, providing them with a consistent and engaging tone of voice. By offering guidelines for error messages, tooltips, or CTAs, you can help businesses create cohesive and user-friendly interfaces that resonate with their audience.

9.4 Write Blog Posts for Design Publications

If you have a passion for writing and a deep understanding of UX design, consider writing blog posts for design publications. Share your insights, expertise, and experiences in the form of thought-provoking and informative articles. By contributing to well-established design publications, you can gain visibility within the design community and establish yourself as a thought leader.

9.5 Offer Content Strategy Services for UX Projects

Content strategy plays a crucial role in creating user-centered experiences. Offer your services as a content strategist, helping businesses align their content with their UX objectives. By crafting content strategies that address user needs and support their journey, you can help businesses create impactful and meaningful digital experiences.

10. Design and Tech Workshops

10.1 Conduct Workshops on Design Thinking

Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology embraced by many organizations. Conduct workshops on design thinking, helping businesses and individuals adopt a human-centered approach to problem-solving. By guiding participants through the design thinking process, you can empower them to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.

10.2 Teach Coding Basics to Designers

Understanding the basics of coding can greatly benefit designers, allowing them to bring their design visions to life and collaborate more effectively with developers. Offer workshops that teach coding fundamentals specifically tailored for designers. By providing hands-on coding experience and demystifying programming concepts, you can empower fellow designers to enhance their skillset.

10.3 Offer Workshops on Prototyping Tools

Prototyping tools are essential for visually communicating design concepts and interactions. Offer workshops that focus on specific prototyping tools, such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. By teaching participants how to create interactive prototypes, you can equip them with the skills to effectively communicate their design ideas and iterate on their designs.

10.4 Teach Design Systems and Component Libraries

Design systems and component libraries enable consistent and efficient design practices. Offer workshops that cover the creation and implementation of design systems and component libraries. By teaching participants how to establish reusable design elements, you can help them streamline their design processes and ensure design consistency across projects.

10.5 Provide Hands-On Workshops for UX Research

Research is a fundamental aspect of UX design, and understanding the various research methodologies is essential for creating impactful user experiences. Provide hands-on workshops on UX research, guiding participants through different research methods and techniques. By giving participants the opportunity to conduct user research themselves, you can enhance their practical skills and understanding of UX research.

In conclusion, as a UX designer, there are numerous side hustles you can pursue to expand your skills, earn additional income, and contribute to the design community. Whether you choose to offer design-related services, teach and mentor others, create content, or venture into your own projects, these side hustles provide opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Explore the options that align with your interests and skills, and don’t hesitate to combine multiple side hustles to create a well-rounded and diverse portfolio. With passion, dedication, and a friendly tone, you can truly thrive as a UX designer in 2023 and beyond.