Side Hustles for Graphic Artists in 2023

Are you a graphic artist looking to explore new opportunities and earn some extra income in 2023? Look no further! This article will provide you with an overview of the most profitable side hustles for graphic artists this year. Whether you prefer freelancing, selling your designs online, or offering specialized services, there are plenty of exciting ways for you to showcase your talent and boost your income. Read on to discover the best side hustles for graphic artists in 2023 and get ready to unleash your creativity while pursuing your passion!

Side Hustles for Graphic Artists in 2023

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Selling Graphic Designs Online

Are you a talented graphic artist looking to monetize your skills and turn your passion into profit? Look no further! In today’s digital age, there are numerous opportunities for selling your graphic designs online. Whether you specialize in creating digital art, custom graphics, design templates, stock illustrations, or even fonts, there are various platforms and avenues available to showcase and sell your work.

Creating and selling digital art

If you have a knack for creating breathtaking digital art, the internet is your canvas! You can explore platforms such as Etsy, Society6, or Redbubble to sell high-quality prints of your artwork. These platforms allow you to set up your shop, upload your designs, and handle the printing and shipping logistics. With the right marketing strategies and captivating artwork, you can attract art enthusiasts from around the world and create a steady stream of income.

Designing and selling custom graphics

With the rise of bloggers, content creators, and small businesses, there is an ever-increasing demand for custom graphics. From social media posts to blog headers, businesses and individuals are constantly seeking visually appealing designs to enhance their online presence. By offering your services on freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, you can connect with clients and create custom graphics tailored to their specific needs. Building a portfolio of satisfied clients will help you establish yourself in the market and generate a steady flow of design projects.

Selling pre-made design templates

Design templates have become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and small businesses, as they provide a cost-effective way to create professional-looking graphics. By designing and selling pre-made templates on platforms like Creative Market or Envato Market, you can reach a wider audience and generate passive income. From social media templates to resume designs, the possibilities are endless. Remember to constantly update your inventory to cater to the evolving design trends and expand your customer base.

Selling stock illustrations

Stock illustrations are a valuable resource for designers and content creators looking for high-quality graphics at affordable prices. By creating and selling your stock illustrations on platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, you can reach a broader audience and earn royalties every time your artwork is licensed or downloaded. Be sure to develop a unique style and focus on trending themes to increase the marketability of your illustrations.

Creating and selling fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in the visual appeal of various design projects, including branding, web design, and print materials. If you have a talent for typography, consider creating and selling your own fonts. Platforms like MyFonts and Fontspring allow you to showcase and sell your fonts to a vast community of designers and businesses. Developing a diverse range of fonts, from elegant script styles to bold display fonts, will maximize your potential earnings.

Freelance Design Projects

As a graphic artist, freelancing offers you the flexibility to choose projects that match your skills and interests. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your client base, the following strategies can help you establish a successful freelance career:

Joining freelance platforms

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru offer a wide range of design projects for graphic artists. Creating a compelling profile, highlighting your skills and experience, and bidding on relevant projects can help you land your first clients. As you build your reputation and receive positive feedback, you’ll attract more clients and higher-paying opportunities.

Creating a personal website and portfolio

Having a personal website is essential in showcasing your work and establishing your online presence. Create a visually appealing website that reflects your style and expertise, and include a portfolio section to showcase your best projects. A carefully curated portfolio will demonstrate your capabilities to potential clients and set you apart from competitors.

Networking and collaborating with other professionals

Networking with fellow designers, agencies, and professionals in related fields can open doors to exciting collaborations and referrals. Attend industry events, join online communities, and engage in conversations on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Behance. By building genuine connections, you’ll increase your visibility and gain valuable insights and opportunities.

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Participating in design contests and challenges

Design contests and challenges provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, gain recognition, and potentially earn cash prizes or project opportunities. Websites like 99designs and Designhill regularly host design contests in various categories. Participating in these competitions not only hones your skills but also helps you connect with clients looking for talented designers.

Print-on-Demand Services

Print-on-demand (POD) services offer an innovative way for graphic artists to monetize their designs. With a wide range of products available, including t-shirts, phone cases, and home decor items, POD services allow you to create and sell merchandise featuring your artwork without investing in inventory or fulfillment.

Creating designs for print-on-demand products

To succeed in the POD market, it’s essential to create designs that resonate with your target audience. Research current trends and niches, and develop designs that cater to specific interests or demographics. From geometric patterns to motivational quotes, explore various themes and experiment with different design styles.

Collaborating with print-on-demand platforms

Numerous print-on-demand platforms, such as Printful, Printify, and Teespring, allow you to integrate your designs and automate the printing and shipping process. By partnering with these platforms, you can focus on creating stunning designs while leaving the logistics to the experts. Leverage the wide reach and established customer bases of these platforms to maximize your sales potential.

Selling merchandise featuring your artwork

Once your designs are ready, it’s time to start selling! Create your online store on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Etsy, and showcase your merchandise to a global audience. With effective marketing strategies, captivating product descriptions, and high-quality product images, you can entice customers to purchase your artwork on various products.

Designing custom apparel and accessories

In addition to selling pre-designed merchandise, offering custom apparel and accessories can be a lucrative venture. Collaborate with clients or businesses to create personalized designs for their brands or events. From company logo t-shirts to one-of-a-kind accessories, providing customized options will attract a niche market and set you apart from the competition.

Side Hustles for Graphic Artists in 2023

Offering Graphic Design Courses

Do you have a passion for teaching and sharing your graphic design knowledge? Why not leverage your expertise by creating and selling online design courses? With the increasing demand for online learning, offering graphic design courses can be a rewarding side hustle.

Creating and selling online design courses

Consider creating comprehensive online courses that cover various aspects of graphic design. Structure your courses into modules or lessons and incorporate visual examples, practical assignments, and quizzes to enhance the learning experience. Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare provide you with the tools to create and sell your courses, reaching a wide audience of aspiring designers.

Participating in teaching platforms

In addition to creating your own courses, you can also explore opportunities to become an instructor on established teaching platforms. Websites like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Domestika offer graphic design courses taught by industry professionals. By joining these platforms, you can reach a broader student base and earn income through royalties or teaching fees.

Offering personalized design mentoring

Some students prefer a more personalized learning experience and seek one-on-one guidance from experienced designers. Consider offering personalized design mentoring sessions or coaching services. Tailor your mentorship packages to cater to each student’s specific goals and needs, providing valuable feedback, advice, and guidance along their design journey.

Organizing workshops and webinars

Organizing workshops and webinars is another way to share your knowledge and connect with fellow designers. Whether you offer in-person workshops or host virtual webinars, these interactive sessions allow you to demonstrate design techniques, offer insights, and engage with participants. Charging a fee for attending these events can provide an additional stream of income.

Designing Infographics and Data Visualization

Are you skilled at transforming complex information into visually appealing graphics? If so, designing infographics and data visualization can be an excellent side hustle for graphic artists.

Creating visually appealing infographics

Infographics are powerful tools for presenting data and information in a visually engaging manner. From statistics to process diagrams, create eye-catching infographics that effectively convey the desired message. Utilize color, typography, and illustrations to make the information easily digestible and memorable.

Designing data visualization dashboards

Data visualization dashboards are becoming increasingly important as businesses seek meaningful insights from vast amounts of data. Design visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards that allow clients to analyze and interpret their data effectively. Focus on creating intuitive interfaces, clear data visualizations, and interactive elements to enhance the user experience.

Offering infographic design services

Reach out to businesses, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations that require professional infographics to communicate their key messages. Develop a portfolio showcasing your infographic design skills and approach potential clients with compelling examples of how impactful and engaging infographics can elevate their content.

Collaborating with businesses and organizations

Partnering with businesses and organizations that require regular infographic or data visualization services can provide a consistent and reliable income stream. Approach marketing agencies, research firms, or media companies that work with large amounts of data or regularly produce content that can benefit from visually appealing graphics.

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Brand identity and logo design are essential components of any business’s visual identity. As a graphic artist, you can capitalize on this demand and offer your expertise in creating unique logos and brand identities.

Creating unique logos for startups and businesses

Startups and small businesses often require professional logo designs to establish their brand identity. By understanding their vision, target audience, and values, you can create compelling logos that capture the essence of their business. Develop a process that allows you to effectively collaborate with clients and deliver logos that embody their brand’s personality.

Designing brand identities and style guides

In addition to logos, businesses may require a comprehensive brand identity package that includes typography, color palettes, and visual guidelines. Offer services that encompass designing brand identities and developing style guides to provide businesses with a cohesive and professional visual presence across various platforms.

Developing visual branding elements

Beyond logos and style guides, businesses may need additional visual branding elements such as icons, illustrations, or social media graphics. Create a range of visual assets that align with different brand personalities and industries. By offering a diverse set of visual branding elements, you can cater to the specific needs of each client and expand your services.

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Offering logo redesign and refresh services

As businesses evolve, their visual identities may need a refresh to stay current and relevant. Logo redesign or refresh services can help businesses maintain a cohesive brand image while reflecting their growth and evolution. Market your expertise in rejuvenating existing logos and improving their visual impact.

Working with Content Creators

Content creators, including influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and streamers, rely on visually appealing graphics to captivate their audience and enhance their brand image. As a graphic artist, there are numerous ways you can collaborate with content creators and provide them with eye-catching visuals.

Designing social media graphics for influencers

Influencers often require compelling graphics for their social media platforms to engage their followers and promote their content or brand partnerships. Collaborate with influencers to create custom social media graphics, including eye-catching posts, stories, or cover photos. Focus on understanding their brand aesthetic and target audience to align your designs with their goals.

Creating thumbnails and cover art for videos

Video content creators understand the importance of captivating thumbnails and enticing cover art to attract viewers. Offer your services to design attention-grabbing thumbnails and cover art that accurately represents the video’s content and entices viewers to click. Cater to different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok, and consider optimizing designs for mobile devices.

Designing blog post headers and featured images

Bloggers and content writers often require visually appealing headers and featured images to accompany their written content. By collaborating with bloggers, you can design headers that effectively communicate the topic and tone of the article. Create compelling featured images that entice readers to click and explore their content further.

Collaborating with podcasters and streamers

Podcasters and streamers use artwork for their show covers, episode thumbnails, or promotional visuals. Offer your graphic design services to create visually appealing podcast or stream covers that accurately represent their show’s theme or topic. Collaboration with content creators in this field can provide consistent work as they regularly release new episodes or stream sessions.

Game and App Design

With the growing popularity of gaming and mobile applications, game and app design have become an exciting avenue for graphic artists. Whether it’s creating artwork for mobile games, designing user interfaces for apps and websites, or providing UX/UI design services for game development, there are numerous opportunities to showcase your skills.

Creating artwork for mobile games

Mobile games often rely on captivating artwork to attract players and set the visual tone of the game. Collaborate with game developers to create concept art, character designs, backgrounds, or assets that breathe life into their games. Develop a portfolio that showcases your ability to immerse players in visually stunning and engaging game worlds.

Designing user interfaces for apps and websites

User interface (UI) design is crucial for creating intuitive and visually pleasing experiences for app and website users. Collaborate with app developers or website designers to create captivating UI designs that enhance usability and appeal to the target audience. Focus on creating interfaces that are visually engaging, functional, and aligned with the brand identity.

Developing game assets and characters

Game development requires a plethora of assets, including characters, items, icons, and backgrounds. Collaborate with game developers to create high-quality assets that enhance the game’s visual appeal and gameplay. Understand the specific requirements of the game and develop assets that seamlessly integrate into the game world.

Offering UX/UI design services for game development

User experience (UX) and UI design play pivotal roles in creating enjoyable and engaging gaming experiences. Offer UX and UI design services to game developers, helping them create interfaces that are intuitive, visually pleasing, and optimized for player interaction. Collaborate with developers to understand the target audience and create designs that enhance their overall gaming experience.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is a crucial element in product marketing and can greatly influence purchasing decisions. Collaborating with various industries and businesses to create visually appealing packaging can be a rewarding venture for graphic artists.

Designing product packaging for various industries

From food and beverages to cosmetics and electronics, various industries rely on visually appealing packaging to attract customers and differentiate their products. Collaborate with businesses within specific industries to design packaging that aligns with their brand image and speaks to their target audience. Pay attention to the materials, typography, and color schemes that will enhance the overall packaging design.

Creating custom labels and packaging materials

In addition to the overall packaging design, businesses often require custom labels, tags, or stickers to accompany their products. Offer your expertise in creating these additional packaging materials, ensuring they complement the overall packaging design while effectively conveying relevant information or branding elements.

Offering packaging design for e-commerce businesses

E-commerce has significantly influenced the packaging design landscape as businesses strive to create memorable unboxing experiences. Collaborate with e-commerce businesses to design packaging that not only protects the product but also adds a touch of excitement and brand personality. Create designs that incorporate unique openings, personalized messages, or interactive elements to enhance the overall customer experience.

Collaborating with manufacturers and retailers

Build connections with manufacturers and retailers who require graphic artists to create packaging designs for their private label products or store brands. These collaborations can provide consistent work and the opportunity to showcase your designs on a wide range of products across different industries. Establish a reputation for delivering exceptional packaging designs that align with manufacturer or retailer standards.

Book Cover Design

Are you captivated by the world of literature and have a knack for creating eye-catching visuals? Book cover design offers you the opportunity to combine your love for design and storytelling.

Creating eye-catching book cover designs

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but captivating book covers undoubtedly capture readers’ attention. Collaborate with authors to create book covers that accurately reflect the essence of their stories and resonate with their target readers. Pay attention to typography, color schemes, and illustrations that evoke the desired emotions and create intrigue.

Designing covers for ebooks and print books

With the rise of e-readers and online bookstores, cover design for ebooks has become increasingly important. Consider designing covers specifically optimized for digital formats, keeping in mind factors such as thumbnail visibility, legibility, and effective use of colors. Additionally, many authors still publish print books, so be ready to create print-ready cover designs with appropriate bleed and resolution requirements.

Offering illustration services for book covers

If you have illustration skills, consider offering your expertise in creating custom illustrations for book covers. Collaborate with authors seeking unique and personalized artwork that tells a visual story. Illustrations can add depth and intrigue to book covers, making them stand out on shelves or online platforms.

Collaborating with authors and publishing companies

Authors and publishing companies are continuously in search of skilled graphic artists to create book covers. Connect with authors directly through social media or platforms like Reedsy or join publishing communities to find opportunities for collaboration. Building a strong reputation and portfolio in the publishing industry can lead to long-term relationships and a consistent flow of book cover design projects.

With these various side hustle opportunities for graphic artists, you can leverage your skills, creativity, and passion to turn your artistic endeavors into a lucrative business. Remember to showcase your unique style, build a strong portfolio, and continuously refine your skills to stay ahead in the competitive world of graphic design. Start exploring these avenues today and embark on a fulfilling journey of artistic entrepreneurship!