Side Hustle Ideas for Soap Makers in 2023

Hey there! Looking to turn your soap-making hobby into a profitable side hustle? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore some exciting side hustle ideas specifically tailored for soap makers in 2023. From creating personalized gift sets to offering soap-making workshops, we’ve got the inside scoop on the most lucrative opportunities that will not only let you showcase your creative talents but also boost your earnings. So, grab your soap molds and let’s dive into the world of profitable side hustles for soap makers!

Side Hustle Ideas for Soap Makers in 2023

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting soap making supplies:

If you are passionate about soap making and want to share your love for the craft with others, promoting soap making supplies through affiliate marketing can be a great side hustle for you. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting and recommending various soap making supplies, such as molds, fragrance oils, colorants, and more. By partnering with reputable soap making supply companies, you can create an additional income stream while helping fellow soap makers find the products they need to create their own masterpieces.

Promoting handmade soaps:

Another lucrative option for soap makers is to promote handmade soaps through affiliate marketing. Many soap makers have turned their hobby into a thriving business, creating unique and high-quality handmade soaps. As an affiliate marketer, you can collaborate with these soap makers and earn a commission for every sale made through your promotional efforts. By sharing your experiences with different soap scents, textures, and benefits, you can help potential customers discover the joy of using handmade soaps and support small businesses in the process.

Promoting soap making classes:

If you have honed your soap making skills and are confident in your ability to teach others, promoting soap making classes through affiliate marketing can be a rewarding endeavor. Soap making classes have gained popularity in recent years as people seek to learn new skills and embrace the art of soap making. By partnering with established soap making instructors or online platforms that offer soap making courses, you can earn a commission for every student who enrolls in a class through your referral. Not only can you share your passion for soap making, but you can also empower others to explore their creativity and start their own soap making journey.

Online Soap Selling Platforms

Creating an online soap store:

If you have a knack for setting up online stores and enjoy the thrill of entrepreneurship, creating your own online soap store can be a fulfilling and profitable side hustle. With the rise of e-commerce platforms and user-friendly website builders, setting up an online store has become easier than ever before. You can showcase and sell your handmade soaps directly to customers, providing them with a convenient and accessible way to purchase your products. Additionally, having your own online store gives you the flexibility to customize the design, branding, and pricing of your soaps, ensuring that they reflect your unique style and vision.

Selling on popular e-commerce platforms:

If the idea of managing your own online store seems daunting, you can still leverage the power of e-commerce platforms to sell your soaps. Platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and eBay have a large customer base actively seeking unique and handmade products. By listing your soaps on these established platforms, you can take advantage of their built-in customer traffic and increase your sales potential. These platforms also provide tools and resources to help you manage your inventory, track orders, and communicate with customers, making the selling process smoother and more efficient.

Utilizing social media for sales:

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for connecting with potential customers and promoting products. By leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can reach a wide audience of soap enthusiasts and build a loyal following for your brand. You can showcase your beautiful soaps through captivating photos and videos, engage with your audience through interactive posts and stories, and even collaborate with influencers or soap enthusiasts who can help spread the word about your products. With strategic social media marketing, you can drive traffic to your online store or e-commerce listings, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.

Soap Making Workshops

Hosting in-person soap making workshops:

If you enjoy teaching and interacting with others face-to-face, hosting in-person soap making workshops can be a fulfilling and profitable side hustle. Whether you have a dedicated space in your home or rent a workshop venue, offering hands-on soap making classes can attract aspiring soap makers eager to learn. You can design workshops tailored to different skill levels and interests, providing participants with a unique and immersive experience. From teaching the basics of soap making to exploring advanced techniques and designs, your workshops can empower others to unleash their creativity and create beautiful handmade soaps.

Offering virtual soap making workshops:

In response to the increasing demand for online learning options, virtual soap making workshops have gained popularity. If you prefer the convenience of virtual interactions or want to reach a wider audience beyond your local community, offering virtual soap making workshops can be a great option. Through video platforms like Zoom or pre-recorded video tutorials, you can guide participants through the soap making process from the comfort of their own homes. By providing detailed instructions, sharing tips and tricks, and offering real-time support, you can create an engaging and educational experience that transcends physical boundaries.

Collaborating with local craft stores or community centers:

To expand your reach and tap into existing networks of craft enthusiasts, consider collaborating with local craft stores or community centers to host soap making workshops. Many craft stores or community centers have regular workshops or events where individuals can learn various crafts. By offering soap making workshops at these established locations, you can benefit from their marketing efforts and existing customer base. This collaboration can provide you with a steady stream of workshop attendees while allowing you to focus on what you enjoy most – teaching and sharing your soap making expertise.

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Side Hustle Ideas for Soap Makers in 2023

Soap Making Consultancy

Providing personalized soap making advice:

If you have extensive experience and knowledge in soap making, offering personalized soap making advice as a consultancy service can be a rewarding and lucrative side hustle. Many soap makers, especially beginners, may face challenges or have questions related to soap making techniques, ingredient selection, troubleshooting, or scaling up their production. By offering one-on-one consultations, you can provide expert advice tailored to their specific needs and help them overcome any hurdles they may encounter. Your expertise and guidance can empower aspiring soap makers to achieve their soap making goals and create high-quality products.

Offering customized soap recipes:

One of the most exciting aspects of soap making is the endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique soap recipes. As a soap making consultant, you can offer customized soap recipes that cater to specific preferences or requirements. Whether it’s creating vegan-friendly soaps, incorporating particular scents, or formulating recipes for sensitive skin, your customized soap recipes can be highly sought after by individuals who want to create personalized soaps. By leveraging your knowledge of ingredients, techniques, and formulation, you can provide clients with detailed recipes that yield excellent results and meet their desired specifications.

Consulting for soap making businesses:

Beyond assisting individual soap makers, you can also offer consultancy services to soap making businesses that aim to improve their production processes, develop new product lines, or enhance their branding and marketing strategies. Soap making businesses, whether small or large, often seek expert guidance to optimize their operations and achieve greater success in the competitive market. By providing consulting services, you can share your industry insights, offer practical suggestions, and help businesses overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Your expertise can contribute to the growth and success of soap making businesses, fostering a thriving community of soap makers.

Soap Subscription Box

Curating monthly soap boxes:

The rise in popularity of subscription boxes has created a unique opportunity for soap makers to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. By curating monthly soap boxes, you can delight customers with a variety of handcrafted soaps delivered right to their doorstep. Each month, subscribers receive a selection of soaps carefully chosen to offer a diverse range of scents, textures, and designs. As a soap subscription box curator, you can collaborate with other soap makers or even include additional bath products, such as bath bombs or body scrubs, to create a delightful and indulgent experience for subscribers.

Offering specialized soap boxes:

To cater to specific preferences or niche markets, you can also offer specialized soap boxes that cater to particular themes or needs. For example, you can create a luxury soap box featuring premium ingredients and elegant packaging, targeting customers who appreciate high-end bathing experiences. Alternatively, you can design soap boxes for specific occasions or seasons, such as holiday-themed boxes or boxes tailored for skincare enthusiasts. By curating specialized soap boxes, you can attract customers who seek unique and tailored experiences and differentiate your offerings from standard soap subscriptions in the market.

Collaborating with other artisanal bath product makers:

To diversify your soap subscription box offerings and provide customers with a broader range of bath products, consider collaborating with other artisanal bath product makers. By partnering with candle makers, bath bomb artisans, or natural skincare creators, you can create collaborative boxes that offer a holistic bathing experience. These collaborations can introduce your soap products to new audiences and provide customers with a curated selection of complementary products that enhance their self-care routines. By joining forces with like-minded artisans, you can tap into the collective creativity and expertise of the artisanal bath product community, offering subscribers truly unique and delightful experiences.

Natural Soap Making Classes

Teaching eco-friendly soap making techniques:

As the demand for natural and eco-friendly products continues to rise, there is a growing interest in natural soap making. If you have expertise in creating environmentally friendly soaps using natural ingredients, offering natural soap making classes can be a rewarding side hustle. By teaching participants how to use sustainable ingredients, such as botanical additives, essential oils, and natural colorants, you can empower them to create gentle and eco-conscious soaps. Sharing your knowledge of eco-friendly techniques and practices can contribute to the overall sustainability movement and encourage responsible consumer choices.

Conducting online natural soap making courses:

To reach a wider audience and overcome geographical limitations, consider conducting online natural soap making courses. Online courses offer flexibility for participants to learn at their own pace and convenience. By creating comprehensive video tutorials, downloadable resources, and interactive forums, you can deliver engaging and educational content that replicates the experience of in-person classes. Through these online courses, you can share your expertise in natural soap making with individuals around the world, inspiring them to embrace sustainable practices and create beautiful, skin-loving soaps.

Organizing workshops for sustainable soap making:

In addition to online courses, organizing in-person workshops specifically focused on sustainable soap making can also be a rewarding endeavor. These workshops can be designed to educate participants about the importance of minimizing environmental impact while creating soaps. From sourcing sustainable ingredients to minimizing waste and packaging, you can guide participants through every step of the sustainable soap making process. Your workshops can also include discussions on the benefits of using natural and biodegradable ingredients, encouraging participants to make conscious choices as they embark on their soap making journey.

Soap Making Blog or Vlog

Sharing soap recipes and tutorials:

If you have a passion for writing or video production, creating a soap making blog or vlog can be a creative outlet for sharing your soap making knowledge and experiences. You can write detailed blog posts that cover a wide range of soap making topics, from basic techniques and troubleshooting to advanced designs and ingredient experimentation. Alternatively, you can create engaging video tutorials that guide viewers through the soap making process step-by-step, providing visual demonstrations and sharing your tips and tricks. By consistently publishing valuable content, you can establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the soap making community and attract a loyal following.

Reviewing soap making equipment and supplies:

Beyond sharing your own soap making expertise, you can also provide valuable insights and recommendations by reviewing soap making equipment and supplies. Many soap makers, especially beginners, often struggle with selecting the right tools and sourcing quality ingredients. By conducting thorough reviews of different types of molds, mixers, cutters, and other equipment, you can help others make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, reviewing various suppliers and discussing the quality and reliability of their products can save fellow soap makers time and money, ensuring that they have access to trusted and dependable supplies.

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Collaborating with other soap makers for content:

To inject variety and fresh perspectives into your soap making blog or vlog, consider collaborating with other soap makers in the community. These collaborations can take the form of guest blog posts, joint video tutorials, or even interviews and discussions. By featuring different soap making techniques, creative designs, and unique approaches to soap making, you can provide your audience with a broader range of insights and inspiration. Collaborating with other soap makers also fosters a sense of camaraderie and community, encouraging knowledge-sharing and creativity within the soap making community.

Soap Making Supplies Store

Selling soap making ingredients and tools:

If you have access to reliable suppliers or sources for soap making ingredients and tools, opening a soap making supplies store can be a profitable side hustle. By offering a wide range of quality ingredients, such as oils, butters, lye, and botanical additives, you can cater to the needs of soap makers at various skill levels. Additionally, providing essential tools and equipment, such as scales, thermometers, molds, and cutters, ensures that aspiring soap makers have everything they need to get started. A well-stocked and easily accessible supplies store can become a go-to resource for soap makers, fostering their creativity and enabling them to experiment with new recipes and techniques.

Offering unique and hard-to-find soap making supplies:

Differentiating your soap making supplies store from competitors can be achieved by offering unique and hard-to-find ingredients and tools. Some soap makers may be on the lookout for rare botanical additives, exotic fragrance oils, or specialty molds to create truly distinctive soaps. By sourcing these unique supplies and providing them through your store, you can attract customers who are eager to elevate their soap making creations. Additionally, offering limited edition or seasonal supplies can create a sense of exclusivity and excitement, encouraging repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Providing wholesale options for larger soap making businesses:

As your soap making supplies store grows, consider expanding your offerings to include wholesale options for larger soap making businesses. When soap making businesses scale up their production, they often require a steady supply of ingredients and tools at a competitive price. By establishing wholesale partnerships with manufacturers or suppliers, you can offer bulk purchasing options that cater to the needs of these growing businesses. This allows them to access the necessary supplies efficiently while enjoying cost savings. Providing wholesale options also positions your store as a reliable and trusted supplier in the soap making industry, attracting repeat business and fostering long-term relationships.

Soap Making Demonstrations

Performing live soap making demonstrations at events:

If you thrive on public speaking and enjoy captivating audiences with live demonstrations, consider performing soap making demonstrations at various events. Craft fairs, trade shows, and local festivals are popular venues where soap makers can showcase their skills and engage with potential customers. By setting up a demo station and creating an interactive experience, you can attract attention and generate interest in your soaps. Performing live demonstrations allows attendees to witness the soap making process firsthand, creating a memorable experience that can encourage them to make a purchase or seek further engagement with your brand.

Demonstrating soap making techniques at fairs or markets:

In addition to live soap making demonstrations, you can also demonstrate specific soap making techniques or designs at fairs or markets. By showcasing advanced techniques, intricate designs, or decorative soap artistry, you can capture the curiosity and admiration of passersby. These demonstrations can inspire aspiring soap makers and ignite a desire to learn or purchase specialty soaps. By incorporating storytelling and explaining the inspiration behind your soap designs, you can create a connection with potential customers and leave a lasting impression.

Partnering with local businesses for joint demonstrations:

To maximize your visibility and reach new audiences, consider partnering with local businesses for joint soap making demonstrations. Collaboration with local shops, spas, or boutiques that align with your target market can provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your soaps to a captivated and relevant audience. By hosting demonstrations at these partner locations, you can benefit from their existing customer base and tap into their network of loyal patrons. Additionally, this partnership can create synergistic effects, where both businesses mutually benefit from the increased foot traffic, exposure, and potential cross-promotion.

Soap Making Recipe Books

Writing and publishing a book of soap recipes:

If you have a talent for writing and want to share your soap making knowledge in a more comprehensive format, consider writing and publishing a book of soap recipes. A well-crafted book can serve as a guide for soap makers of all levels, offering detailed instructions, ingredient lists, and expert tips. You can showcase a wide variety of soap recipes, from basic bars to specialized designs and techniques. By sharing your wisdom and experiences through the written word, you can create a lasting resource that empowers individuals to explore the art of soap making and create their own custom soaps.

Creating an e-book or digital guide on soap making:

In addition to physical books, creating an e-book or digital guide on soap making offers benefits in terms of accessibility and convenience. E-books can be easily downloaded or accessed online, allowing readers to instantly dive into the content and experiment with soap making techniques. By including interactive elements, such as clickable links, embedded videos, or printable recipe cards, you can enhance the learning experience and provide valuable supplemental resources. Creating an e-book or digital guide also opens doors to global distribution, reaching soap making enthusiasts around the world without the limitations of printing and shipping.

Collaborating with other soap makers for recipe compilation books:

To showcase a diverse range of soap making styles and techniques, consider collaborating with other soap makers for recipe compilation books. These collaborative books can feature contributions from multiple soap makers, each sharing their unique recipes and insights. By bringing together a collection of soap recipes from different perspectives, you provide readers with a wealth of inspiration and options. Collaborative recipe compilation books can also create a sense of community and foster cross-promotion among participating soap makers, strengthening the soap making community as a whole.